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Fabric Booty Band | light/medium

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The perfect BOOTY boosting band! You've been asking for it and I've spent the last year developing the best booty band available. My fashionable booty bands were made specifically for QUEENS like you! Not only will you feel the burn but you will get the results you've always wanted. As I've always said, bands are game changers.


This light/medium fabric band helps improve your squat form, is built for durability, and is 100% roll proof and slip proof. This band has a light/medium resistance and is great for higher rep exercises and/or beginners. It pairs perfectly with the medium/heavy fabric booty band for when you are working on improving your strength. 


My booty bands have game changing grips on the inside of the band to prevent rolling. And all of my bands are perfect for Home Workouts, Gym Workouts, outdoor workouts and traveling!


Fabric bands are designed for lower body exercises. If you're looking for upper body and full body bands, check out my resistance bands.